Welcome to my blog! I’m excited to start this new food blog chronicling my flexitarian way of eating. Not sure what that means? Basically it’s actively incorporating vegetarian meals (though for me more often vegan), while still enjoying meat every now and then.

This is still all very new to me, as early this year I started running and eating more wholesome foods, with healthy fats and free of refined-sugars. I felt so much better! I then decided to try and cut out (or rather, reduce) red meats and dairy-based products, but I still enjoy these dishes when I go out to eat or during a family/friend gathering. I was inspired by all the other food blogs I follow and thought I would create my own by posting all the recipes I’ve been doing (as many of my Instagram followers must notice the pictures of my foods!). You’ll find a lot of recipes that are often vegan, and even paleo (usually with chicken or fish), so I hope everyone will like them! There will be plenty of recipes of baked goods too that you will be amazed to find are healthy and guilt-free 😉

Let’s start eating…!

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