Spiced Apple Protein Waffles


As you must already know, or maybe figured out, I am a waffle person. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good pancake every now and then, but I much prefer waffles. Something about them are light and fluffy, while also being crispy on the exterior is perfect. I am so thankful that my sister gave me a waffle iron for Christmas. I practically use it every weekend!

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Flax Waffle Sandwich


One Sunday morning, I went to brunch with my good friend, Ruth. It’s our thing: once a month, we try to get together to go out for brunch, trying the various different restaurants around Vancouver. I love a good brunch place!

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Curry Chicken Burgers


Sometimes, I struggle with coming up with lunch ideas for school or work. Before, I often found myself lazy and either making something quick, easy, and not at all wholesome, or just eating out. At some point, eating out does take a toll on your wallet.

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Overnight Crock Pot Steel-Cut Oats


I have to say that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It really jump starts your metabolism after a night’s rest, and helps provide the energy boost to last you until lunch time and stabilize those simple sugars you’ll ingest in later meals. Have you gotten into the habit of not eating a proper breakfast because you’re in a rush and can’t bother to wake up early or spend time making a healthy breakfast? Do you opt for things like granola bars or a McMuffin to go or just skipping it altogether? I know I’ve had my fair share!

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Sri Lankan Lentil Curry (Dhal)


My parents are from Sri Lanka, where they often have lots of very tasty curries (of almost anything), that are deep and rich in flavour from the various spices used. The plus side is that Sri Lankan curries are often vegetarian-friendly, (and even vegan!) given that there are days of fasting from meat due to religious festivals or reasons, particularly among the Buddhists. I’ve only recently started to learn how to cook Sri Lankan curries myself, and I’ve always watched my mom and dad cook various (and tasty) curries, but never attempted to try it myself, deeming it too complicated — especially since they never measure or use recipes!

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Mocha-Chip Waffles with Coconut Fudge Sauce


Chocolate for breakfast? Who can argue with that?! And these are healthy and vegan! I woke up one Saturday morning wanting something really chocolatey. I was inspired by some double chocolate pancake recipes, but I decided to turn them into waffles, because I love them more than pancakes. One thing I did was add instant coffee granules. Adding this really brings out the chocolate flavour. Since the waffles aren’t too sweet, I topped these with an amazing coconut fudge sauce, with coconut butter and maple syrup. Perfect way to start your weekend 🙂

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Homemade Coconut Butter


I’ve always wondered what coconut butter was, as it is sometimes used in vegan frostings and spreads, but I couldn’t justify buying a small bottle of this in the store, given its cost! Since I already started making my own nut butters, I researched on whether I could make my own coconut butter, and well, it was super simple (and very inexpensive!!). All I need? Unsweetened shredded coconut.

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