Cookie Butter Banana Muffins


Some of you might be asking what the heck is cookie butter. Well, it’s a spread with a consistency like peanut butter that’s made up of crushed cookies called speculoos. It’s almost like a gingerbread sugar cookie, is how best I can describe it. It’s a very popular cookie made in Belgium usually to celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas, and the spread has become very popular.

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Green Bean Curry

It’s another one of my Sri Lankan curry recipes for you, this time using green beans! I always loved the green bean curry that my mom would make growing up. It wouldn’t be soggy limp beans soaked up in curry. It would be slightly crisp beans, in a flavourful coconut milk broth. It’s a great way of cooking beans, rather than the traditional boiling or roasting, or with a bit of garlic. This curry is slightly different in that there isn’t a whole lot of broth. If you certainly like your curries to have broth, you’re more than welcome to add more milk, however, I think you may just enjoy this the way it is!

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Sri Lankan Onion Sambol


I’m sure you must be thinking, “What the heck is a sambol?”. Well, friends, it’s basically a condiment typically made of chillies and other spices, with whatever secondary ingredients you like (garlic, onion, or lime is common). It originates from the term sambal from Indonesia, so sambols are commonly made in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. You must’ve heard of sambal oelek, the chilli paste. In other words, they are spicy.

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Warm(ish) Asian Noodle Salad


I needed inspiration for a new lunch idea for work, as I had been tired of wraps and chicken burgers, and since I had extra tofu, I thought it would be nice to create a noodle stir-fry salad thing. Continue reading Warm(ish) Asian Noodle Salad

Spinach & Apple Muffins


Why are they green? No colouring. You’ll be amazed that there’s spinach in these bad boys. I wasn’t sure what to expect either. But these were a perfect way of using up some leftover spinach that was becoming soggier and about to go bad. Plus, why not have some iron-y green goodness for breakfast on the go? At least you’ll have a source of some veggies to start the day 🙂 Continue reading Spinach & Apple Muffins

Maple Cinnamon Pecan Butter


Nut butters are so easy to make at home. All you need are the nuts and a food processor or blender and some time. I’ve previously made cashew butter and Nutella, but this time I decided I would use pecans.

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Salmon Curry


I’ll be honest with you. I can be a picky eater when it comes to seafood. Don’t get me wrong. I love my sushi. It took me until the end of high school to get around to eating sashimi. I clearly was missing out. But when it came to curries that my mom made? No, thanks. Maybe it was just the fish she used, but it was too… ocean-y for my tastes. I also did not like picking out the bones (when she actually used whole fish from the wharf), or having to peel off the shells and tails of her prawn curries.


I think I’ve admitted too much about my peculiar eating habits… But whenever she used filets to make curry? I’m all over it. No bones makes me happy… 🙂

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