Vegan Miso Ginger Ice Cream


I know what you’re thinking. How would anyone think to combine miso and ginger in an ice cream flavour? Well, my favourite local ice cream store in town comes up with some of the most interesting flavours I have tried. And the ice cream is AAAAAHMAAAZING. Some flavours they’ve done include blackberry & coriander, cardamom, bourbon peach… Granted, it is definitely something I indulge in once in a while, and they often have awesome vegan flavours…but I’m not sold on all of them, because they tend to be coconut milk based (not that that is a bad thing), and not as creamy/soft as their regular ice cream.  Continue reading Vegan Miso Ginger Ice Cream

Turkey Dumplings


Recently, I learned how to make dumplings from a friend of a friend. It was such a fun experience that I had to do it again. It had been a busy semester, so I hadn’t seen my best girlfriend in a while. As a catch up session, I decided to take what I learned and have a cook day with her! Continue reading Turkey Dumplings

New Orleans


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been a busy bee! The past month had been full of deadlines for both school and work, it was exhausting. However, the end of October was a trip to New Orleans to present at a conference, followed by a couple days of vacation there. Here’s another one of my travel foodie posts! It may even inspire some cajun-inspired recipes in the future 😀

Continue reading New Orleans