Sri Lankan Spiced Custard


I’ll admit, growing up I did not like this dessert compared to the (then) superior caramel pudding (which is a Sri Lankan upside-down version of a caramel flan). But now, I find that it is too sweet, and this spiced custard is where it’s at. And hello? Cardamom and nutmeg – some of my favourite spices!

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Blueberry Oat Muffins for four


Because sometimes you only want a small batch. Because you only want to make enough that will last a few days, or as a snack to take to work, or just to simply eat a couple.

While I enjoy making a whole tray of muffins, sometimes they’re just left to go stale, or no one eats them all (correction: I don’t eat them all), or you forget about them…

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Rustic Beet Pasta


Fresh pasta. Why haven’t I discovered you before? And no, I’m not talking about the fresh pasta you can find in a refrigerated section of a grocery store. I’m talking about the real deal. That’s right – making it from scratch!

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