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Vegan Strawberry/Blueberry & Rhubarb Crumble



Spring is in full swing. Goodbye April showers, and hello May flowers. This also means spring ingredients, and the fast approach of summer! It’s starting to warm up a little, and the sun’s out.

I’m a huge fan of crumbles/crisps. Depending on the season, and the fruits available, they’re great to make year round. In the past, I’ve made apple, but with spring, it was time to try rhubarb. Whole Foods has this amazing raspberry rhubarb crumble, and I was inspired to create a similar crumble. Continue reading Vegan Strawberry/Blueberry & Rhubarb Crumble

Mini Maple Cinnamon Donuts


You may or may not know this, but I love maple syrup, the good quality stuff. Maple syrup is good on ANYTHING. Sweet, Canadian, golden goodness.

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Sri Lankan Spiced Custard


I’ll admit, growing up I did not like this dessert compared to the (then) superior caramel pudding (which is a Sri Lankan upside-down version of a caramel flan). But now, I find that it is too sweet, and this spiced custard is where it’s at. And hello? Cardamom and nutmeg – some of my favourite spices!

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Vegan Blackberry and Coriander Ice Cream


So, the day before yesterday marked one year for this blog. I know I missed the actual date, but the holidays can be busy! The year flew by so fast, and with it, I was able to post 83 recipes (or so my blog tells me). Not so bad! Thank you to you guys, who have been following, or who have been visiting and using my recipes for inspiration 🙂

I figured I needed to post a special recipe to mark the year (and end of 2014), so while this isn’t extra special, the flavour of thic ice cream is awesome. Today, I bring to you a vegan blackberry and coriander ice cream. Continue reading Vegan Blackberry and Coriander Ice Cream

Sri Lankan Love Cake


Merry Christmas!! I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season with lots of food and desserts and presents and more. I apologize for the lack of updates lately – it’s been hectic! Honestly, Christmas came around so quickly, I am not sure where the year went. If you’re still looking for recipes for tonight’s dinner, why not try making some cranberry sauce, or celeriac & parsnip puree (a feature on tonight’s dinner).  Continue reading Sri Lankan Love Cake

No-Bake Rum Balls


The holiday season is just around the corner (10 days?!!?), and that means loads of desserts and chocolates and sweets! Of course, this also means the endless sugar rush that lasts at least until after New Year’s. If you don’t want to continually be eating all those refined sugars, then this recipe is perfect for you (and super quick and easy — and I’m all about that!).

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Vegan Miso Ginger Ice Cream


I know what you’re thinking. How would anyone think to combine miso and ginger in an ice cream flavour? Well, my favourite local ice cream store in town comes up with some of the most interesting flavours I have tried. And the ice cream is AAAAAHMAAAZING. Some flavours they’ve done include blackberry & coriander, cardamom, bourbon peach… Granted, it is definitely something I indulge in once in a while, and they often have awesome vegan flavours…but I’m not sold on all of them, because they tend to be coconut milk based (not that that is a bad thing), and not as creamy/soft as their regular ice cream.  Continue reading Vegan Miso Ginger Ice Cream