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Buckwheat Crepes


So, I haven’t really done any pancake recipes yet, because you all know my love for waffles. Well… I’m here to change that. And as my first pancake recipe, I decided I would make gluten-free crepes. Impossible right? Nope, it’s quite simple! (I feel like some people would disagree). Continue reading Buckwheat Crepes

Maple Cinnamon Granola


Warning, this recipe takes a long time. But the time is spent mostly waiting for it in the oven. The end result is well worth it! You guys remember my last granola recipe with quinoa. I must admit, I didn’t have the granola clusters, but that’s because I learned you were not supposed to stir it around. This time around, I learned better and left it untouched and used more than one pan (it makes a lot!) Continue reading Maple Cinnamon Granola