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Sri Lankan Love Cake


Merry Christmas!! I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season with lots of food and desserts and presents and more. I apologize for the lack of updates lately – it’s been hectic! Honestly, Christmas came around so quickly, I am not sure where the year went. If you’re still looking for recipes for tonight’s dinner, why not try making some cranberry sauce, or celeriac & parsnip puree (a feature on tonight’s dinner).  Continue reading Sri Lankan Love Cake

No-Bake Rum Balls


The holiday season is just around the corner (10 days?!!?), and that means loads of desserts and chocolates and sweets! Of course, this also means the endless sugar rush that lasts at least until after New Year’s. If you don’t want to continually be eating all those refined sugars, then this recipe is perfect for you (and super quick and easy — and I’m all about that!).

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Vegan Peach Hand Pies


If you guys follow my Instagram, you know that at the beginning of August, I went on a road trip to the Okanagan to show my aunt and uncle (who are visiting from Sri Lanka) our beautiful province. The Okanagan is a beautiful place. Fresh fruit farms, orchards, U-picks, wineries and gorgeous vineyards. In fact, recently it has also been named the second best wine region in the world to visit in USA Today. If you guys live in the area, or are planning a visit out here, you must visit the Okanagan.

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Earl Grey Donuts with Lavender Glaze


I am such a romantic at heart, because I love weddings. It’s a celebration of the love of two people coming together. I especially enjoy hearing the music (or playing, as I have played piano at weddings before). Most of all? The food 😀 Continue reading Earl Grey Donuts with Lavender Glaze

Meyer Lemon Loaf


I’m not usually a big fan of lemon loaf, but I do love lemon bars. I always did enjoy the lemon loaf at times when I used to work for Starbucks eons ago, but it’s not something I get, especially since I know it’s full of refined sugars and other junk! Fortunately, this recipe is healthier. Continue reading Meyer Lemon Loaf

Vegan Meyer Lemon Bars

Happy New Year! As we enter 2014, everyone starts out making their resolutions. What are yours?

I don’t usually make any per se, but I would love to continue from last year’s momentum, eating healthy, keeping in shape, and feeling good. You can start any time, and you don’t need a New Year’s resolution to keep a goal. Maybe this recipe can help to start cutting out those bad sugars, and introducing more unrefined and natural sugars, as well as healthier fats.

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Vegan Spelt Cinnamon Buns

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.36.28 AM
The holiday season is all about dinners and eating to your heart’s content. Obviously the rules to eating right don’t have to apply necessarily. My best friend and her family invited mine over for dinner for Christmas Eve, and I decided I would bring (a guilt-free) dessert. I made these awesome and completely vegan cinnamon buns, which were a big hit! They were fun to make, and the house and car smelled like cinnamon! I am definitely making these again.

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