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Celeriac and Parsnip Puree

Unfortunately, this is another picture-less post–I’ve been saving this recipe for a year now, but I can’t find old photos!

Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. Growing up, we never really celebrated it much, until my sister and I were a bit older and were enthralled by the Food Network and their Thanksgiving-themed recipes, leading us to want to participate in our house cooking. With that meant taking on all of the major holidays, because we just loved to cook and experimenting different flavour combinations rather than cooking traditional dishes.

With Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner, this was a product of some inspiration I had because, well, mashed potatoes as a side is SO boring. It’s also just starchy and plain and with no flavour. Don’t get me wrong, potatoes can still be good for you (depending on how you cook it) since it’s full of nutrients and vitamins, and I mean you can certainly add to it and dress it up, but it’s still just mushy carbohydrates.  So I’m always looking for alternatives to potatoes.

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Mushroom Tri-Colour Lentil ‘Risotto’


Risotto is traditionally an Italian rice dish cooked in broth and wine to a cream consistency. I think I’ve only had risotto once, but it was delicious. The flavours of the wine and broth in the rice pair really well together.

Of course, you might be thinking how you could possibly make risotto out of lentils, but I did! Aaaand, it’s a more low-carb option compared to the traditional risotto, as well as an added protein benefit. Oh, and there’s no gluten! Talk about clean eating.

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