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Chicken Quinoa Burgers


Here’s another one of my chicken burger instalments to use as a lunch idea. This time, we’re adding quinoa into the burgers. Not only does this add extra protein and nutrients to your burger, keeping you full longer, it also stretches the use of your meat so that you can make more burgers (also because I totally ran out of chicken breasts…)! Continue reading Chicken Quinoa Burgers

Mushroom Tri-Colour Lentil ‘Risotto’


Risotto is traditionally an Italian rice dish cooked in broth and wine to a cream consistency. I think I’ve only had risotto once, but it was delicious. The flavours of the wine and broth in the rice pair really well together.

Of course, you might be thinking how you could possibly make risotto out of lentils, but I did! Aaaand, it’s a more low-carb option compared to the traditional risotto, as well as an added protein benefit. Oh, and there’s no gluten! Talk about clean eating.

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Spaghetti with Tomato Basil ‘Cream’ Sauce


Why, you ask, is the spaghetti black? It’s not squid ink pasta… Actually, it’s spaghetti made out of black beans! It actually looks more like noodles than it is spaghetti, but it is a box I came across while shopping at Costco.

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Spiced Apple Protein Waffles


As you must already know, or maybe figured out, I am a waffle person. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good pancake every now and then, but I much prefer waffles. Something about them are light and fluffy, while also being crispy on the exterior is perfect. I am so thankful that my sister gave me a waffle iron for Christmas. I practically use it every weekend!

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