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No-Bake Rum Balls


The holiday season is just around the corner (10 days?!!?), and that means loads of desserts and chocolates and sweets! Of course, this also means the endless sugar rush that lasts at least until after New Year’s. If you don’t want to continually be eating all those refined sugars, then this recipe is perfect for you (and super quick and easy — and I’m all about that!).

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Frosty Green Smoothie


Smoothies are a great way of incorporating all sorts of fruits and veggies. They are also a good snack, after a workout, for breakfast, or even a meal replacement (perhaps for you raw foodists out there!). Ever since I got a Vitamix for Christmas, I have been having fun making all sorts of smoothies, trying out recipes and experimenting myself.

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Homemade Coconut Butter


I’ve always wondered what coconut butter was, as it is sometimes used in vegan frostings and spreads, but I couldn’t justify buying a small bottle of this in the store, given its cost! Since I already started making my own nut butters, I researched on whether I could make my own coconut butter, and well, it was super simple (and very inexpensive!!). All I need? Unsweetened shredded coconut.

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Vegan Nutella

Say what?! Vegan Nutella?! BRB. Let me go eat some.

OK, back!

Ever since I started making my own nut butters (which, by the way, is amazing, and it’s so much cheaper than buying them in store, and you know what you put into it), I was looking for the next butter to make. Then, I came across recipes making homemade nutella, and thought I could do that too! Continue reading Vegan Nutella