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Godamba Roti

Sorry guys, I’ve kind of neglected my blog for a while – but for good reason! I’ve been busy this summer, traveling (visited Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as Toronto and Quebec — which I must add, had amazing food), and also had been busy working and taking on more hours – I found out I’ll be going to Madrid next month for a conference, so much preparation will be needed. As well, I had to complete some new applications for programs. May aim for a PhD or MD. We’ll see what happens!  Continue reading Godamba Roti

Sri Lankan Coconut Roti


I LOVE roti. Roti is a type of unleavened flatbread, which is popular in many South Asian countries. Growing up, we wouldn’t eat this often, so whenever my mom made this, it was definitely a treat. In Sri Lanka, the most popular type is probably the coconut roti (as we call it, pol roti), which has shredded coconut and wheat flour (and other optional add-ins), and it is usually eaten as a meal with other curries.

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