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Spinach & Apple Muffins


Why are they green? No colouring. You’ll be amazed that there’s spinach in these bad boys. I wasn’t sure what to expect either. But these were a perfect way of using up some leftover spinach that was becoming soggier and about to go bad. Plus, why not have some iron-y green goodness for breakfast on the go? At least you’ll have a source of some veggies to start the day 🙂 Continue reading Spinach & Apple Muffins

Beet & Raspberry Smoothie


I had a lot of beets leftover to use up. This smoothie is another recipe in the beets saga.  This one is mixed with raspberries, to create a deliciously red smoothie. It can be boosted with a pinch of cinnamon  or cayenne. Best of all, it is sugar-free, so no added sugars, relying on the natural sugars of the beets, raspberries, and bananas.

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Beet ‘Hummus’



I had some leftover beets that I need to use up, and I wasn’t in the mood to use them in a smoothie. Also, I had been deciding what I should make for lunch this week. I didn’t feel like making traditional hummus again, and I wanted to change things up. That’s when the idea hit me! Why not create a hummus-like spread out of beets? I remember growing up my mom would sometimes make a beet salad sandwich (like an egg salad sandwich), so this was definitely an homage of sorts to that.

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Meyer Lemon Loaf


I’m not usually a big fan of lemon loaf, but I do love lemon bars. I always did enjoy the lemon loaf at times when I used to work for Starbucks eons ago, but it’s not something I get, especially since I know it’s full of refined sugars and other junk! Fortunately, this recipe is healthier. Continue reading Meyer Lemon Loaf

Blackberry Mango Smoothie


Yum, I love smoothies! Here’s a great recipe for one that uses blackberries. Blackberries are great for you! They are full of phytochemicals and antioxidants, as well as fiber, vitamins, and manganese. You’ll definitely have a good dose of nutrients with this smoothie. There’s also no sugar! Continue reading Blackberry Mango Smoothie

Carrot Cake Smoothie


Look at all that beta carotene. Stunning colour, right? I love smoothies. I can put anything I want, and I can feel good about drinking them. You can get creative, and add all sorts of fruits and veggies.

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Mini Banana Chip Spelt Muffins


I was craving something sweet one night, and feeling stressed from work and school. I had a couple of ripe bananas that I didn’t get around to freezing, so I decided I would make some mini muffins. Combined with some chocolate chips, these were perfect to satisfy my sweet tooth craving.

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Frosty Green Smoothie


Smoothies are a great way of incorporating all sorts of fruits and veggies. They are also a good snack, after a workout, for breakfast, or even a meal replacement (perhaps for you raw foodists out there!). Ever since I got a Vitamix for Christmas, I have been having fun making all sorts of smoothies, trying out recipes and experimenting myself.

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Healthy Layered Dip

I often go to potlucks and struggle with trying to find a dish to take. Most people sign up to bring desserts, but there’s not many main courses or nothing to snack on. I’ve always loved the 7-layered dip found at Costco and thought I’d create a healthier version of it — plus I know what ingredients I’m putting into it. I brought it to a potluck twice  now and people loved it and didn’t suspect it was healthy!

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