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Spicy Fish Cakes


I really love Thai food. Every last two weeks of January here in Vancouver, we have a Dine Out festival with participating restaurants releasing a 3-5 course menu for three different tiers of pricing, depending on how fancy the restaurant is. It’s a great way to be able to try more expensive restaurants for a fraction of the cost. Recently, I went to a more upscale Thai place and tried out their menu. I have got to say, it was the best Thai meal I’ve had, even if it may have been somewhat fusion. The used the freshest ingredients, sometimes locally sourced, and organic.

Thai food is always so rich and flavourful. The combination of the different spices, the sweet, the sour – it all melds together. I always try to pick out the flavours I’m eating. I’d like to think my palate is good, but it’s difficult sometimes! Continue reading Spicy Fish Cakes

Cashew Curry

(Apologies again for no photo!)

Does cooking cashews in curry form sound strange to you? Believe me when I say that it is not strange. This is a popular curry in Sri Lanka, and is particularly great for vegetarians and vegans alike. This is probably one of my favourite curries to eat (if not THE favourite), and it is rich and flavourful. This isn’t made all the time, and I would only remember my mom serving this on special occasions. Now that I’ve started learning to cook Sri Lankan cuisine, I think I can try to make this more often 🙂

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Green Bean Curry

It’s another one of my Sri Lankan curry recipes for you, this time using green beans! I always loved the green bean curry that my mom would make growing up. It wouldn’t be soggy limp beans soaked up in curry. It would be slightly crisp beans, in a flavourful coconut milk broth. It’s a great way of cooking beans, rather than the traditional boiling or roasting, or with a bit of garlic. This curry is slightly different in that there isn’t a whole lot of broth. If you certainly like your curries to have broth, you’re more than welcome to add more milk, however, I think you may just enjoy this the way it is!

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Sri Lankan Lentil Curry (Dhal)


My parents are from Sri Lanka, where they often have lots of very tasty curries (of almost anything), that are deep and rich in flavour from the various spices used. The plus side is that Sri Lankan curries are often vegetarian-friendly, (and even vegan!) given that there are days of fasting from meat due to religious festivals or reasons, particularly among the Buddhists. I’ve only recently started to learn how to cook Sri Lankan curries myself, and I’ve always watched my mom and dad cook various (and tasty) curries, but never attempted to try it myself, deeming it too complicated — especially since they never measure or use recipes!

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