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Godamba Roti

Sorry guys, I’ve kind of neglected my blog for a while – but for good reason! I’ve been busy this summer, traveling (visited Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as Toronto and Quebec — which I must add, had amazing food), and also had been busy working and taking on more hours – I found out I’ll be going to Madrid next month for a conference, so much preparation will be needed. As well, I had to complete some new applications for programs. May aim for a PhD or MD. We’ll see what happens!  Continue reading Godamba Roti


Sri Lankan Pasties


I love small hand held appetizers/pastries. Growing up, this particular pastry was made for special occasions, or really when my mom really felt like it.

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Sri Lankan Spiced Custard


I’ll admit, growing up I did not like this dessert compared to the (then) superior caramel pudding (which is a Sri Lankan upside-down version of a caramel flan). But now, I find that it is too sweet, and this spiced custard is where it’s at. And hello? Cardamom and nutmeg – some of my favourite spices!

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Cashew Curry

(Apologies again for no photo!)

Does cooking cashews in curry form sound strange to you? Believe me when I say that it is not strange. This is a popular curry in Sri Lanka, and is particularly great for vegetarians and vegans alike. This is probably one of my favourite curries to eat (if not THE favourite), and it is rich and flavourful. This isn’t made all the time, and I would only remember my mom serving this on special occasions. Now that I’ve started learning to cook Sri Lankan cuisine, I think I can try to make this more often 🙂

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Green Bean Curry

It’s another one of my Sri Lankan curry recipes for you, this time using green beans! I always loved the green bean curry that my mom would make growing up. It wouldn’t be soggy limp beans soaked up in curry. It would be slightly crisp beans, in a flavourful coconut milk broth. It’s a great way of cooking beans, rather than the traditional boiling or roasting, or with a bit of garlic. This curry is slightly different in that there isn’t a whole lot of broth. If you certainly like your curries to have broth, you’re more than welcome to add more milk, however, I think you may just enjoy this the way it is!

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Sri Lankan Onion Sambol


I’m sure you must be thinking, “What the heck is a sambol?”. Well, friends, it’s basically a condiment typically made of chillies and other spices, with whatever secondary ingredients you like (garlic, onion, or lime is common). It originates from the term sambal from Indonesia, so sambols are commonly made in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. You must’ve heard of sambal oelek, the chilli paste. In other words, they are spicy.

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Acorn Squash Curry


Squash is one of my favourite fall vegetables. I know it’s not fall, but I still like buying squash at the market. It is so versatile, and you can even use it in baking. My favourite way to eat it is in a curry. I can just eat a whole container of the curry if I had it in front of me. When I was in Sri Lanka in 2012, I volunteered for two weeks in a town that was affected by the 2004 tsunami through a local organization, called Volunteer Sri Lanka. If ever you do make your way to Sri Lanka, I highly recommend volunteering with this organization! It is run by a local, who lost his parents to the tsunami, and ever since, he has done philanthropic work over there, helping orphaned children and elderly, and there’s also medical placements! His large house served as the volunteer house, and for meals they often served squash curry for lunch. It was delicious!

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