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Sri Lankan Coconut Sambol


A couple months ago, I posted about a Sri Lankan onion sambol recipe. If you recall, a sambol is a typical condiment made with spices and various ingredients. This time, I have a recipe for a very common one: coconut sambol or pol sambol. This one is made from the flesh of a coconut. Growing up, this was one of my favourite kinds of sambol. It’s one that’s eaten with everything, from rice, as a condiment with boiled root veggies (like potatoes, or yams), roti, bread, or most commonly with a steamed noodle dish made of rice flour (called string hoppers — don’t ask me why it’s called that).  Continue reading Sri Lankan Coconut Sambol

Pennywort Congee (Kola Kenda)


You might be asking yourself what the heck pennywort is. It probably also sounds ridiculous on your head.  For those who aren’t into botany, pennywort is a low-growing plant with conical-shaped leaves that’s found in swampy areas. The edible kind is scientifically known as Centella asiatica, and is found around Asia. In Sri Lanka, we call it gotu kola, which literally translated means conical-shaped leaf! It’s a bit of a fibrous leaf, similar in texture to kale. Continue reading Pennywort Congee (Kola Kenda)

Banana & Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies


I’ve always had a soft spot for bananas. I could eat lots and lots of them, but they have to be slightly green for me to eat. I know, quirky eating habits. I had some bananas that were ripening fast, so I knew I had to use them up quick before fruit flies infested the house. I wasn’t quite feeling like making the normal banana bread or muffins or the sort, and I wanted something quick and simple. I was in the mood for cookies, so I figured I would use up the bananas to make cookies. I also was feeling quite lazy, so I wanted to make it as simple as possible… well these turned out to be delicious Continue reading Banana & Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Beet & Raspberry Smoothie


I had a lot of beets leftover to use up. This smoothie is another recipe in the beets saga.  This one is mixed with raspberries, to create a deliciously red smoothie. It can be boosted with a pinch of cinnamon  or cayenne. Best of all, it is sugar-free, so no added sugars, relying on the natural sugars of the beets, raspberries, and bananas.

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Roasted Cashew Butter


Cashews. Probably my most favourite nut out there. It’s so versatile, I love using it in everything, from stir-fries, to using it as the ‘cream’ component in a sauce or custard. It gives everything a richness and creaminess without feeling heavy…or the use of cream/dairy! And then I thought, what better way to try and use them to create a nut butter!

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Overnight Crock Pot Beetroot & Blueberry Oats


It’s another one of my overnight crock pot steel-cut oats series! I always try to switch up my oatmeals each week. There was one week I decided to be creative and use beetroot and blueberries for a delicious pink(ish) oatmeal. This one might take a bit more work to prepare, but it really is worth it!

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No Knead Multigrain Bread


I’ve always wanted to make my own bread, but the thought of having to stand there kneading was a daunting task. Fortunately, I had been reading about ‘no knead’ methods, and well, that clearly was more appealing.  Continue reading No Knead Multigrain Bread

Beet ‘Hummus’



I had some leftover beets that I need to use up, and I wasn’t in the mood to use them in a smoothie. Also, I had been deciding what I should make for lunch this week. I didn’t feel like making traditional hummus again, and I wanted to change things up. That’s when the idea hit me! Why not create a hummus-like spread out of beets? I remember growing up my mom would sometimes make a beet salad sandwich (like an egg salad sandwich), so this was definitely an homage of sorts to that.

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Overnight Crock Pot Carrot Cake Oats


I do love carrot cake. As I already mentioned in my carrot cake smoothie recipe, it reminds me of my childhood. I’ve been trying to come up with different recipes for my overnight crock pot oats so that I change it up each week for my breakfasts.  Continue reading Overnight Crock Pot Carrot Cake Oats

Banana Chip Waffles


I’m sorry, I know I post a lot of waffle recipes, but I just can’t get enough! Plus, I can do anything and make different types of flavours. You can also make a batch and freeze it, toasting it when you want a breakfast on the go during the week. And if you aren’t a waffle person, or you don’t own a waffle iron, these recipes work great as pancakes.

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